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Why Do Chiropractors Treat?

The primary focus of Chiropractic Care is unimpeded nerve function. Health is within you.  Your ability to be well is built into your genetic code. It is not perfect but it's expression can be even further reduced by Lifestyle, stress and injury. A Chiropractor's  only  purpose for treating is to remove interference(s) to the expression of health so the patient can heal, on their own, as nature intended. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Where Do Chiropractors Treat?

Most Chiropractic Care is focused on the functional elements of the spine and how they may be reducing a patients ability to be well.  Chiropractors also examine and treat other parts of the body if it is determined that they are contributing to a patients stress or illness.  This could include toes, feet, knees, hips, fingers, hands, elbows, shoulders and jaws.  Really!

When Do Chiropractors Treat?

At any age at anytime during a period of wellness or illness a Chiropractor may be able to contribute in a positive way to your Health. Pregnant Moms to be, infants, toddlers, teens, adults and Senior Citizens. Whether in acute distress or working on achieving Optimal Health, a Chiropractor may be able to help.

How Do Chiropractors Treat?

The primary intervention tool that is unique to Chiropractic is called "The Adjustment". An "Adjustment" is delivered by the Chiropractor with their hands as a very short amplitude, high velocity thrust to a specific joint.  When successful, the Adjustment reduces joint stress and stress on the nervous system which allows the patient to function (heal) better!

But, make no mistake, Chiropractors are Primary Contact Health Professionals. We are interested in more than your spine and nervous system. We want to help you have a better life. Anything that we can do to help you improve the way you live your life is what Chiropractors are into. It's what we do in our own lives and it's what we want for our loved ones, our patients and their loved ones. Chiropractors know that it is possible for each of us to be healthier, they want the world to be a healthier place and they want to contribute!

Dr Pat Hewitt HBSc, DC


Family History:

Raised in Erindale Woodlands, now a part of The City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

2nd youngest of 7 children; 4 boys, 3 girls.

Married 1993, 3 children; 2 boys ('95 and '96) and a girl ('98).



Springfield Public School 

  • K-gr2 '62-'64

  • gr7 '69-'70

Queenston Dr. Public School

  • gr3-gr6 '64-'69

The Woodlands School

  • gr8-gr13 '70-'76

  • for Math, Science and Music

McMaster University

  • In Hamilton, Ontario, for Life Sciences Degree '76-'80

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

  • a.k.a. CMCC '81-'85 Doctor of Chiropractic Degree


In practice in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada since 1985. He has a practice history filled with thousands of decades long Health Care partnerships with his clients and multiple generations of families. Always informing people's views of Wellness and Disease, the role of Chiropractic and Lifestyle in Health Outcomes.

Who Do Chiropractors Treat?

Everyone. Young and old.  Everyday people like you and me. Senior Citizens. Children. Athletes. Couch Potatoes. Labourers. Line Workers. CEO's. Celebrities. Intellects. Artists. Other Professionals like Teachers, Accountants and Lawyers. Other HealthCare professionals like Dentists, Nurses, Medical Doctors and other Chiropractors. Chiropractors even treat Politicians (really!). Chiropractors are trained to assess each new person whether well or with health challenges to determine if Chiropractic Care can help them improve their Health Outcomes.


Latest Clinic News:


Patient safety has always been and continues to be priority #1. 

Some COVID-19 procedures continue to be in place at the Clinic as they have been since mid March 2020. Feel free to wear a facial covering or mask. I will follow your lead.

When you enter the clinic, if there are other patients present, please give them at least a 2 metre clear zone by waiting in one of the reception chairs, away from the front door and front desk.

Patients are booked at 15 minute intervals in order to minimize crowding. Please feel free to come right up to the clinic upon your arrival.

If you feel more comfortable with unique arrangements, just email me to let me know and I will do my best to accomodate your concerns and unique needs.

Dr Pat


I welcome Dr Rachel Kloos to the clinic!

Dr Kloos is a Naturopathic Doctor and her ready to help anyone that has a question or a need to explore broader aspects of Natural Health Care from a Registered Health Professional... Click below to find out more and add "Dr. Ray" to your team!!

What Do Chiropractors Treat?

Chiropractors treat causes. Primarily, Chiropractors do adjustments to the joints of the spine in order to reduce stress and interference on the nervous system so the nervous system. This allows the nervous system to better "see" what is wrong and more fully "co-ordinate" and "express" an appropriate "healing response".  Patients arrive with any number of a thousand different concerns from back pain and sciatica to neck pain, headaches and tingling in arms and hands. Some patients even come complaining of functional disorders like stomach pains,dizziness and breathing problems.

A Chiropractor examines each patient to investigate if there is anything treatable which is interfering with the patients ability to get well and stay well.

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