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to common problems

To help each person release their maximum potential for Wellness, Performance and Longevity. 



In the fulfillment of my mission, I utilize Chiropractic Care and Lifestyle Management.

Chiropractic Care is provided in a private and professional setting following all current "best practices" and procedures. Only case specific Adjustments are performed the fewest times necessary in order to achieve maximum benefit at the least cost in time and money to our clients. 

It does not matter what brings you through our door: general well-being, prevention, ​acute injury or chronic condition, you will be assessed and informed as to whether or not you could  benefit from Chiropractic Care.

Lifestyle Management engages each client in the critical importance of accepting full personal responsibility for creating positive health outcomes in their lives. Your health outcomes are the result of thousands of moment to moment choices made each day. Lifestyle Management involves specific conversations at each appointment, topical in-house programs and seminars, an ever growing list of recommended reading and internet resources as well as referral to other known and recommended local Wellness Professionals and Health and Wellness Service providers, from Yoga Classes to Personal Counselling and everything in between. Whatever we can do!!


  • Meal Planning: Eating for your Lifestyle and your Personality.

  • Body Composition Management: Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle.

  • Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements: Their effective use to make an actual difference in your Chiropractic Care and health outcomes




  • Endurance: Proper low tech/cost testing and training of aerobic capacity.

  • Flexibility: The how, when and where of stretching and when not to!

  • Strength/Speed/Power: The role of strength; where and when you need it and how much you need.



  • Management of barriers to recovery, reduction of risk for re-injury ​and new injuries.

Clinic Hours:


Suite 201 - 3105 Dundas St W

Mondays and Thursdays

6:30am - 11:30am



Please send an email

from the button above

if you need to contact me.

The clinic will be closed:

700PM on Monday May 13th, 2024

through until

630AM on Thurs 23rd, 2024.

Find me in Mississauga

The clinic is located in Mississauga, just west of Dundas/Winston Churchill

Dr Rachel Kloos ND

Thinking about going to a Naturopathic Doctor? Click the button above to go to Dr Ray's Website! She is in the clinic three days a week!



Chiropractic Care gives you the opportunity to change, the chance to heal. But that healing always comes from within you. Helpful Lifestyle choices will commonly help to speed your recovery from illness and injury and reduce the risk for future health challenges. This is why it is so important to reassess your Lifestyle when you undergo Chiropractic Care.

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